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Why buy clothes made from certified organic cotton?

Alyssa Jeanne

Posted on June 27 2018

Organic cotton
Certified Organic Cotton

 This means the cotton has been farmed without toxic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers and never with genetically modified seeds.

Instead soil is conditioned though crop rotation. Weeds are controlled by physical removal rather than chemical treatment. Insects are controlled by encouraging beneficial insects with companion planting and in turn pests are preyed upon by these beneficial predators.

Why Organic?

Conventional (non-organic) cotton is one of the most highly chemical intensive crops on earth. By comparison conventional cotton covers 3% of the earths arable land, yet in production it uses 10% of the world’s agricultural chemicals and 25% of all insecticides.

In time pests build up a resistance to the chemicals used against them, so higher volumes of these toxic treatments need to be used and new pesticides are constantly being developed.

Contamination from these dangerous chemicals enters local waterways, destroying the natural environment, eco-systems and harming animals. In addition to the environmental factors, food and water supplies can also be contaminated from runoff which can ultimately cause disease, mental illness, sickness and birth defects in local communities.

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