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Zipped pouch | tribal pattern, Hmong embroidered textile

$36.00 USD


Bag made from Vintage Ethnic Hmong
embroidered indigo hemp,
tribal pattern, cross-stich embroidery
 toiletries + makeup bag,
brass zipper
This hand-crafted women's clutch has been made from
beautiful H'mong tribal fabric,
a panel from a traditional spirit skirt,
made by Alyssa in her studio in Saigon, Vietnam.
The Hemp is grown on the land, in and around Sapa, Northern Vietnam, where the H'mong people live. Once harvested, the hemp is attached thread by thread, by hand, and then spun on a traditional wheel, ready to be strung on a wooden loom, where it is hand-woven.
The Hemp is then bathed over and over again, over the course of 2-3 days in indigo, a natural dye made from plants grown on the land, and fermented, which creates a rich blue-green colour.
This textile has a geometric tribal pattern of embroidered cross-stitch maroon, black, and white threads. Red applique detail.
The lining in a silky navy blue fabric (bought new) paired with a brass zipper.
Perfect present for any woman or man :)
Original + One of a kind!
Wonderful as a clutch bag or perfect as a makeup/toiletries bag
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S ------
17 cm tall
22 cm wide
5 cm deep