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Men's tribal indigo shirt

$91.00 USD


Indigo dyed 100% Organic Cotton
button up short sleeve collar shirt
with Hmong tribal yoke batik detail
with red applique.
The Hmong tribe of Northern Vietnam crafted the panel of the yoke,
it is made from cotton,
the white geometric patterns
are made from a traditional batik resist bees wax,
then dip dyed in natural indigo,
then boiled off to reveal this intricate design.
Applique red cotton is then embroidered,
to complete this beautiful unique piece.
Indigo dyed 100% certified organic cotton.
This shirt was made by Alyssa Jeanne, in her studio in Saigon, Vietnam.
The panel was collected by her on a trip to Sapa.
One of a kind shirt, there is only one, ever made.
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S ------
Chest 106cm
Length 66cm
Fits Men Sizes medium-large