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White Sand Wash Silk Gown

$350.00 USD


Wedding Gown bias cut sleeveless dress with mermaid silhouette - soft white 100% pure finest sand-wash silk. 1920s timeless classic design

Bias cut sleeveless gown
1920’s style,
replica of original dress,
simple elegant design,
classic fishtail silhouette -
sand wash silk

This simple design is timeless classic which will never go out of fashion.

The old is new again is very excited to create a bespoke gown especially for you by offering a chance to custom design your own creation by choosing a painting, as detailed or simple as you want, and/or lace trims vintage or antique.

1. Come up with some idea & have a face time call or discuss via private message

2. Choose a painting (optional) from many designs Alyssa has created, or be inspired by a vintage painting or botanical print.

3. Choose a lace trim (optional) either straps or hem from the away of vintage and antique (more expensive) lace options.

We are so excited to create a one of a kind wedding gown for you!


*The paintings are costed per time/complexity which we can discuss via email or face time.

*Options of lace range from antique handmade lace, Vintage lace, or machine made.

*Only 3 dresses (3 sizes available) because we only have ♻️ dead-stock silk available keeping with our sustainable practices. XS, SM, M each with 5cm seam allowance.