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Hmong embroidered silky white crop top

$25.00 USD $45.00 USD


White Silky blouse with Hmong Embroidered Muliticolour panel,
Hmong textile, tribal ethnic embroidery textile
This top is very versatile in size with stretchy lace trim bottom, and loose fitting top.
Best fit size medium
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S -------
Chest 40"
Length 16"
It's a cropped blouse so is perfect with anything high waisted,
but equally lovely over top a long plain dress, or undershirt.
A very flattering cut for any shape.
 The original material of you this top was a traditional Hmong skirt.
Traditionally, the woman make one set of clothes,
which takes months, and is worn at the beginning of the lunar new year.
Their worn clothes are sold at market to make money to buy seeds for their crops.
Please wash only in cold water, and preferably by hand.