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Women's midi skirt | hand printed indigo

$65.00 USD $75.00 USD


This easy to wear skirt, has been hand-printed with Indigo,
by Alyssa J. in her studio in Saigon.
Certified organic cotton, front buttons and elastic back, inside pockets,
4 limited unique skirts available
Available in 4 different styles (labelled on the photographs 1-4).
1. Buttons on the font, seascape print
2. Buttons on the side, seascape print
3. Buttons on the front, lace print
4. Buttons on the front, grid print
- certified natural 100% Organic Cotton
- hand-printed with Indigo dye
- inside pockets
- elastic waist back panel for comfort and fit
- 4 designs to choose from
- easy to wear
- ethical fashion
- one of a kind
- high waisted 40s design
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S ------
length 67 cm
waist 70-80 cm (with elastic)
hips free