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Women's blouse indigo dyed | hand painted roses

$88.00 USD


Certified organic cotton hand painted with red roses.
3/4 length sleeves jean shirt,
art you can wear.
Hand-Painted red roses by Alyssa Jeanne in her studio
in Saigon, Vietnam,
with machine washable Fabric Paints.
Alyssa has studied the tradition of Oriental Brush Painting,
which she has adapted to her own style,
which is flavored with Vintage inspired botanical prints.
This blouse is made from
100% Organic Natural Cotton,
it is cool, silky and soft to the touch.
The Old is New Again strives to be as Ethical as possible
by using the finest and eco-friendly materials,
as well as using slow design practices,
where everything is hand sewn,
to create a one of a kind,
work of art, that you can wear.
-100% Organic Natural Cotton (GOTS CERTIFIED)
- Hand dyed in Indigo
-Classic and Timeless design
-Loose fitting cut with Kimono sleeves
-Size Medium, but fits Small or Large (check measurements)
-Machine washable - colour stay paints
-Unique and One of a Kind
-Art you can wear.
-Amazing gift for any woman.
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S ------
Fits sizes small - medium
Chest 100cm
Length 62cm