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Jean's embroidered Summer Dress

$98.50 USD


Women's Embroidered Summer Dress | made from heirloom cloth
and 100% Organic Natural Cotton,
pockets, adjustable button straps & ties.
Made from Grandma Jean's handed down heirloom embroidered table cloth,
this handmade dress is very special and unique.
Alyssa cherished the cloth for years,
but felt like it could have a whole new life, as a beautiful dress,
for everyone to see,
and potentially be past down to another generation,
encompassing a century of life.
The beautiful hand-stitched embroidery
is a combination of cross-stitched flowers and floral madeira pattern..
Every detail of this dress has been carefully considered,
including the fine finishes inside the dress,
the button adjustable straps, ties for extra contour and fit.
The elastic back panel ensures comfort.
There are hidden pockets,
because every good dress should have pockets.
I cannot express how exciting I am to share this special garment,
steeped in history and brought into the present,
paired with the most beautiful
(and Ethical) Organic Cotton,
Gots certified, and natural.
Fits One size
✂------ M E A S U R E M E N T S ------
Chest = Bra sizes A-E
Waist = 25" - 32"
Hips = Free
Length = 42"
Straps = adjustable
Plus 4 inch seam allowance on both sides for extra adjustments.